Dream of Apollonia Kotero

by fegustibus

She was doing an act in Vegas. Showbiz memories of the Purple Rain heyday. I arrived late and missed almost all of the first act. Shouldering my way to a seat at a front row table, the people next to me seemed offended by my having dressed sloppily.

The star joked about the contract she had signed with the producer. “He said you’re going to spend the next year in a red casket.” Referring to the confining bustier costume she was wearing.

The first act ended with professional colleagues from the past standing silently on stage behind her. This seemed about as low as you could go in show business. The group included Sean Penn and Sarah Silverman. After everyone left the stage for intermission, one of the audience members spoke with admiration of Penn’s sincere desire to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The second act featured the star getting very up close and personal with one of the audience members. Luckily, she chose me. She was nude, laying on top of me, letting her breasts rest on my face.

As we filed out at the end of the show, I gave it an enthusiastic review. “You sure got more value for money than at the Suzanne Pleshette show.”